Sad situation turned positive with Guilds help

Mr. and Mrs. Gimenez were recently married and looking forward to buying their first home together. They found the home of their dreams and were excited to buy using help from a down payment assistance program. During the loan process sadly it was determined that they were not eligible for the down payment assistance program. Mr. and Mrs. Gimenez were sure that the loan was dead and their dreams of home ownership as newlyweds were over.

At Guild we believe there is always a way. One of the best parts of choosing Guild is you don’t have just one person helping with your loan, you get the whole team. Jose, one of our loan officers, went straight to our production team to see what if any options were available. As a team Jose, Jess and Rachel from production, were able to find a solution and help the dreams of home ownership come true for the Gimenez family.

We were able to turn what was a going to be a sad story into another successful closing.

If there is a solution, we will find it!