1. Make sure your employment, asset and personal information is correct on your loan application.
  2. Be prepared to account for non payroll deposits into each account you plan to use toward your transaction.
  3. Respond to any requests from your loan officer promptly.
  4. Continue to make all of your payments on time.
  1. Don’t apply for any new credit or financing of any kind. Don’t co-sign on a loan, either.
  2. Don’t have any inquiries made on your credit report.
  3. Don’t raise red flags to the underwriters -such as co-signing on another person’s loan or changing your name and address.
  4. Don’t make changes to your name, address, job or income.
  5. Don’t spend your closing costs.

Guild Mortgage Company; Equal Housing Opportunity; NMLS 3274. We are licensed to do business in the state of Arizona. AZ BK#0018883; AZ BKBR 0018986; Branch NMLS 156371. All loans are subject to underwriter approval, and are subject to change without notice.